Baby Massage

Gentle nurturing touch is the first means of communicating our devotion and unconditional love. Our baby is born with the biological need for gentle interaction and affection.

Baby massage is a sensory activity to encourage social, physical and emotional development. The inclusion of touch, smell and sound promotes multi-sensorial experiences.
The perfect well-balanced combination of Indian and Swedish massage in addition to Reflexology is used to achieve many benefits:

  • Increases parental and infant bonding, relaxation and attachment
  • Reduces anxiety and stress hormone levels
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Enhances digestive, respiratory and circulatory health
  • Enhances cognitive and motor development
  • Provides relief of discomforts such as teething, wind, colic or congestion

Baby massage is a relaxing experience empowering families to learn with baby to expand awareness of infant cues, promote parental bonding, encourages a confident transition to parenthood and creates positive foundations for future relationships.
Course Outline

Benefits of massage
Identifying baby cues
Safety recommendations
Indian and Swedish massage
Appropriate use of oils
Best time to massage
Bonding with baby
Contraindications to massage