Childbirth education and Hypnobirthing with a midwife

Inspiring a positive mindset towards birth

Birth education is an investment in your birth and your choices

Birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear

Changing generational views towards birth

Hayley with a baby on her lap


As a midwife, childbirth educator, Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner and mother of four, I am passionate about empowering families with knowledge to inspire a confident birth and transition into parenthood.

I offer three different classes as every family deserves access to evidence based and quality care suited to unique circumstances or preferences.

The Hypnobirthing Australia Program utilises hypnotherapy to promote focused deep relaxation. A natural calming state of mind is achieved by conditioning our approach to birth in a comforting manner to optimise endorphin release.

The Birth and Parenting Class designed by Midwife Hayley is tailored for families wanting to learn about labour, birth and early parenthood in a comprehensive one-day class format.

The Positive Caesarean Birth Course is specifically designed for families knowing they require a surgical birth. The class respects the genuine needs associated with caesarean birth such as medical or personal reasons.

The education I provide removes fear and apprehension, encouraging families to approach your unique journey into parenthood with support, excitement and readiness.

Hayley xx